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Message from the President

Our path to the present
(Our great legacy - inherited spirits of our company)

Since 1877 when we started our business as pharmacy (manufacturing and wholesaling), we have been passing on several valuable legacies up until today. One of them is the spirit to quickly find out people's needs and wants and utilize this information to meet their demand regardless of varying lifestyles and social values through the changes of times. The know-how gained through the pharmacy business opened the way to the development of the packaging for pharmacy use and then to the export of sanitary goods, eventually leading us to the entry into trade business. This business expansion made us aware that the Japanese packaging industry in 1950s was way behind that in the developed countries. It stimulated us to decide to shift our business field from the pharmacy to the packaging industry. Throughout the decade-long history since then, we have been playing a role to promote the modernization of the Japanese packaging industry. At the same time, we expanded our operation in the trade business by means of the entry into fresh food and healthcare fields and the conclusion of sole agency agreements with overseas leading manufacturers, continuously working on the internationalization and diversification of our whole business. In this manner we have always been anticipating the changes of times and successfully turning them into business. Another great legacy of ours is the spirit of service (social contribution), which means that we always keep in mind how we can contribute to the society through our business and how we can be of help to as many people as possible. These are the legacies which we have inherited and this is the path which our company has walked along.

To work up and grow together with customers

Entering the 21st century, many of business enterprises are moving from the growing stage to the maturing stage while people's demands are getting diversified. In this transition 'safety', 'quality' and 'environment' are more strictly controlled and their importance is more emphasized. We, as general trading house, take three important roles of 'Consulting', 'Agent' and 'Finance' to work up and grow together with our customers under these circumstances, making valuable proposals from the global viewpoint which always considers the needs and views of consumers and customers. Times are changing very fast. To accurately respond to rapid changes, we strive for the speediest response under any circumstances to offer the information on markets and products more quickly than customers expect. Furthermore we intend to challenge ourselves to constantly keep improving functions of products. We will continuously endeavor to make each 'mission' of our customers possible because we believe with confidence that it leads us to the even better future.

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