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Japanese Foods

Export Japanese Foodstuff to all over the world from Japan.

Japanese Foods

In order to let all the people in the world tasted and feel Four Seasons of Japan, we have started to introduce Japanese Foodstuff and equipments throughout the world over 30years ago. Actually, we have established our own retail shop in The Netherlands as our antenna shop. Judging from worldwide tendency to enjoy Japanese Foods, peoples seems very conscious of health especially raw fish menu such as Sushi or Sashimi and soy beans menu such as Tofu, Soy Sauce & Miso Paste and that's why Japanese Food has been in boom and fever in the world. Anyhow, we can introduce to you various type of Japanese Food such as Seasoning, Seaweed, Noodles, Rice Wine so called Sake and Soft Drink as Green Tea etc., Please do not hesitate to inquire us in any time.



Japanese fruits and vegetables

We are always trying to introduce 'Japanese taste' with our original concept so that we can meet demand of customers in the world. Fresh Japanese fruits and vegetables of four seasons are cultivated by each producer with the special skill and love for nature. Season by season, we are pleased to supply most suitable items according the requirement of customers. Let's create new market together with us.
Photo Credit : Ibaraki Prefecture


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