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Aiming "Suggestion-full" business valuable for consumers.

We import assistive, training and nursing equipment and devices intended for physically handicapped children/persons and the elderly from various countries. Most of them are imported from Europe and the U.S., but at the selection of equipment/devices to import, we keenly scrutinize their suitability for the Japanese living environment. Additionally we also distribute Japanese products. Our major product lines in this field are divided into two categories. One is the lines intended for physically handicapped children/persons, which include wheel chairs, buggies, walkers, bathing aids and standing-position training equipment, and the other is those for the elderly that include assistance call appliances, chairs and auditory devices. Our activities are not limited to the import and sales of such products but also include the joint development of new products with overseas manufacturers who have product development capabilities to make them more user-oriented and easy-to-use.

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