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Since mid 1950’s, we have been successfully distributing various products in packaging field such as packaging materials/machinery and agriculture related materials through our own distribution network nationwide including major retailers. The imported packaging material business is also developed successfully, for which ISO9001;2008 is certified as renewal. We are striving to make improvement day by day so that we can keep supplying the highest quality, safety of the products and superior services in the market because our motto is always "Customer First"


Main line is the individual package materials, such as plastic tray, laminated film, metal empty can etc. for food use only. In recent strong demand of food safety, quality control is being taken into our policy most seriously and we are continuously making the best proposal to major food manufacturers speedy & timely for food packaging materials, in consideration of material selection, how functional, environment friendliness & attractive design so that it will be possible for all foods to be individually packaged with safety first.


Based upon our know-how through our experience in longstanding exporting business, we have been proposing state-of-the-art, high quality Japanese products to our international customers on a timely and speedy manner. Constructing the system which enables us to respond within 24 hours to the requests from our customers, we have won the deep trust from our customers in various countries. With our networks covering the whole world to continuously obtain the latest information, we are offering the best solution to our customers world-wide.

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