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Creating brilliant and fruitful life through food provision.

In any period through human history 'food' occupies an important place for most of us. In the modern society it not only satisfies instinctive desire of appetite but also plays a significant role to enrich our daily life. In such a society we have been working on the creation of food culture from a new viewpoint through the import and export of foodstuffs from home and abroad. We import and distribute a wide range of commercial products including fresh vegetables, fruits, processed foods and beer and export Japan-made food products to many other countries. These activities help us steadily build our new food culture. In addition to the acquisition of ISO9001 certification in 2004, we built the system to thoroughly assure food safety by conducting residual pesticides, giving guidance to (local) producers and establishing traceability on our own initiative, and up until today we have been securing food safety in this manner. We are convinced that such ideas and approaches let us earn the trust of customers and bring continued expansion of our business.

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